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Dot-matrix Origination Type Holographic Label

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Dot-matrix kinematic movement effect. SECURE hologram, stock design. Stock Hologram Sticker

Dot-matrix kinematic movement effect. Honeycomb tamper evident. Original holographic sticker.

Dot-matrix kinematic movement effect. SECURITY holographic label. Stock Hologram Sticker

Dot-matrix kinematic movement holographic effect. Stock Hologram Sticker

Dot-matrix kinematic movement effect. ORIGINAL with eagle.

Dot-matrix kinematic movement effect. PROTECTED hologram sticker. Stock Hologram Sticker

QC Hologram sticker. Tamper evident hologram sticker in size of 20mmm*15mm. Dot-matrix movement effect with kinematic guilloche elements. This is instant hologram with general design.

Dot-matrix kinematic movement background with pillar light hologram sticker

Dot-matrix kinematic movement background effect in square shape in pillar zooming in and zooming out. VOID IF REMOVED, Authentication hologram, Protected by license hologram. Global hologram. In the bottom area of hologram sticker has guillochine security lines and pillar ray moving effect.

Zooming stars, random effect dots and kinematic movement ray around middle logo and text is dot-matrix hologram. The text width depth viewing effect and foreground hologram logo and name is 2D 3D hologram. Dot-matrix hologram with two channels (flip-flop) effect. The sticker is tamper evident type, silver color.

This sticker is dot-matrix holographic sticker with two hidden text.

Dot-matrix hologram kinematic movement background with rotation ray. Big size hologram sticker.

Dot-matrix Kinematic Patterns:

samples No.1 samples No.2 samples No.3
samples No.4 samples No.5 samples No.6
samples No.7 samples No.8 samples No.9
samples No.10 samples No.11 samples No.12
samples No.13 samples No.14 samples No.15
samples No.16 samples No.17 samples No.18
samples No.19 samples No.20 samples No.21
samples No.22 samples No.23 samples No.24
samples No.25 samples No.26 samples No.27
samples No.28 samples No.29 samples No.30
samples No.31 samples No.32 samples No.33
samples No.34 samples No.35 samples No.36
samples No.37 samples No.38 samples No.39
samples No.40 samples No.40 samples No.42
samples No.43 samples No.44 samples No.45
samples No.46 samples No.47 samples No.48
samples No.49 samples No.50 samples No.51
samples No.52 samples No.53 samples No.54
samples No.55 samples No.56 samples No.57
samples No.58 samples No.59 samples No.60
samples No.61 samples No.62 samples No.63
samples No.64 samples No.65 samples No.66
samples No.67 samples No.68 samples No.69
samples No.70 samples No.71 samples No.72
samples No.73 samples No.74 samples No.75
samples No.76 samples No.77 samples No.78
samples No.79 samples No.80 samples No.81
samples No.82 samples No.83 samples No.84
samples No.85 samples No.86 samples No.87
samples No.88 samples No.89 samples No.90
samples No.91 samples No.92 samples No.93
samples No.94 samples No.95 samples No.96
samples No.97 samples No.98 samples No.99
samples No.100 samples No.101 samples No.102
samples No.103 samples No.104 samples No.105

Dot-Matrix Holographic Label Samples Page 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

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